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Holidays Bite

2nd edition, Dec 2019

Paranormal-Vampire / MF

What goes together more naturally than vampires and Christmas?

Holidays bite for Stephanie-and this year, the biting is literal. Saved from a near-fatal fall, she finds herself in the snowy cabin of her rescuer--a man who is gorgeous, irresistibly erotic, and undead.


Winding up in Thomas's seductive embrace might prove more dangerous than the accident she survived, especially since he's in exile from humans to avoid the worst time of year for temptation. Can she escape her own urges-and the bloodlust of a lusty vampire?

       "...her characters are incredible." Happily Ever After Reviews

"a story that can be read multiple times because it has so many rich layers..." Happily Ever After Reviews


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Bewitching Love

Paranormal-Witches and Vampires / MF

Secret pregnancy

Second Edition Revised Release

The rich girl with everything didn't have one thing...

Dream has looks, money, and magic-but she doesn't have love. A spell will unleash far more than one incredible night with her sexy new neighbor. When he learns she manipulated him with magic, he refuses to be undone by her charms. But forgetting the passion of a lifetime isn't their biggest problem. Her spell has lasting effects for them both--and has aroused the dark, deadly interest of a vampire who wants Dream as his mate.


     "a passionate love story...I highly recommend this book..." Happily Ever After Reviews

"excellent writing with her twist of how a witch can be a great asset in a vampire world." Happily Ever After Reviews




Summer 2020
Summer 2020
Sinful Ella and the Wolf

Siren Allure, Rated Scorching

Fantasy/ Paranormal-Werewolves /

MF romance with scenes of FF/multipartner

Have a howling good time at the royal ball...

Why is The Prince of Frey suddenly unable to control the dark secret that could destroy him?

When his wolf begins forcing itself to the surface on the full moon and racing off to a nondescript manor in the woods, Prince Jarrod’s most trusted guard believes it is because the wolf is seeking a mate. But Jarrod cannot risk his crown or a woman’s life by claiming one.


Meanwhile, beautiful servant girl Ella is being tutored in the ways of submissive pleasure, pain, and bondage at the manor by a pair of dominating mistresses who entertain wealthy noblemen for a living. Though Ella is not permitted a man’s touch, she learns all she can to please the man she will love someday.

Amidst sizzling sexual encounters and royal house arrests, the pair forge a fateful bond that could unite them for eternity—or cost them everything.

       "Excellent story with good character dynamics. A definite will read again." Reader review    


Fantasy/Paranormal Erotic Romance Titles by J. Rose Allister

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