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SONS OF HERNE Series by J. Rose Allister

Urban Fantasy / MF





Love is fated for the gods...

The god Herne has appointed eight of his most virile, headstrong sons as keepers of the pagan holidays. On their sabbat, each must mate with a mortal female in a ritual to maintain the balance between worlds. But this year, the Fates have conspired to grant the gods the one thing they lack--a true passion that will last long beyond a sabbat joining.

Herne’s sons will wrestle with the conflict between sacred duty and their own yearnings, a struggle that will not only challenge their beliefs, but may threaten the rituals that keep the mortal and immortal worlds from falling into chaos.

"Her stories are so much more...They seem to reach deep within you to the roots of belief and
shake you awake." -Reader Review
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Books 1-8 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

The gods are fated to fall in love…

This collection includes the entire saga of eight tales, plus a ninth book exclusive and bonus content.

Reader reviews:

“Amazing collection, must read."

"Magnificent collection!"

" word this is such a hot book..."

"Sensual, sexy, and sensational"



Book 1 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

Loving Lorayna could cost him his sacred power...

Months of visiting Lorayna in secret has sparked a yearning Dominus can't shake. Lorayna is ready for any sabbat ritual he wants, even though his intentions are strictly hands-off.
When something goes wrong, Dominus is forced to break the rules and give into his urges before the Yule power consumes her. Their passion will alter many sabbats to come—but not before Dominus must defy his father, Herne, to follow his desires and prove to Lorayna that she was not merely another light bearer.
        “Filled with stunning and authentic imagery and beautiful writing." Reader review



Book 2 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF


He must awaken a goddess before time runs out...

The earth prepares to shake off inhabitants who no longer embrace magic, a fate Eradimus can avoid by restoring the goddess who has forgotten him. Ignoring advice to take another, he tries once more to find she whom he has loved for millenia. Brighid has no idea who the strange, but gorgeous man is who comes for her. Is she really the woman he thinks she is? She must find out, and surrender her passion to a ritual that can quell the rising storms, before all of humanity is lost.

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Tallisun: God of Ostara

Book 3 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

They will hunt each other for a love they never expected...

Tallisun has more interest in hunting than bedding a woman for the Ostara ritual-until he nearly shoots one who wanders in front of his arrow. Harper finds him sexy as hell too, but who runs around the forest wearing antlers and claiming to be a god? To settle the matter, they agree to a challenge-they will hunt each other, winner take all. The results bear unexpected consequences, however, that complicate their agreement to part amicably when the contest is through. 
      ..."I love this series! Each one gets just a little bit better."                                                                                                                             

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Jorandil: God of Beltane

Book 4 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

A woman is in danger because she surrendered to his passion...

The fate of worlds rests on Jorandil's wings during the ritual of Beltane, but his virgin lover stirs something inside him far more compelling-and potentially dangerous-than his duty to seal the veil between worlds. Cadence can't forget the erotic encounter with her angel and wants to see him again, not knowing she'll put her life in danger to do it. When Jorandil finds out, he'll risk more than he knows to save her--and a passion the god of the sabbat has dreamed of for a millennia. 

      " this entire series...great character development."


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Devinmar: God of Litha

Book 5 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

She was saved from drowning by an act of god…a seductive, smoking hot god...

Devinmar rises from the sea once a year to mate with a female and unleash the powers of the deep. His visit comes early, however, when he saves a beauty from drowning. Hallie wakes up on a beach after being saved by a sea god. His tales of selkie legends and pagan rituals are hard to believe, but his desire for her is hard to resist. When she is taken, getting her back could mean failing his sabbat duty. But he'll do what he must to make her safe, even knowing that once their midsummer's night has ended, he will leave her behind and return to the sea. 

      "...a compelling, magical romance!"


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Feillor: God of Lammas

Book 6 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

Trapped in the last place he wanted to be, he will find the only thing he ever hoped for...

Feillor is reaping the first harvest when a woman appears out of nowhere right in front of his scythe. She is naked and stunningly beautiful, but she is a mortal. Salina is calling on Herne for help in saving the forest when she finds herself in a field with his son, who is unbelievably sexy but has no regard for humans. To get home, Feillor must accompany her and remain on earth for three days, during which time he will find himself embroiled in a struggle to protect the seductive witch from those who would either destroy her or try and win her for themselves.

      "This author continues to stun me with the depth of her characters...this story is excellent!"                                                                                                                                  

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Anduron: God of Mabon

Book 7 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

He releases those who are unjustly imprisoned, but can he free his captive heart?

Anduron saves an old woman and lands himself in trouble with the Counsel of Sabbats. To remedy his plight, he must get the woman's beautiful granddaughter, Jenna, to speak up for his decision--and oh, yes, agree to become his carnal sabbat partner to celebrate during the upcoming pagan thanksgiving. Jenna's condition: he must woo her not only as a typical "dating" interest, but by staging a raid on an animal testing facility. The act will land him in hot water on earth as well as in his realm. How far will he go to win the woman who stirs his passion--and shares his cause of offering freedom to captives?

      "Sexy as sin with a heart of gold."


Archipellus: God of Samhain

Book 8 of the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

How can he hope to embrace love when his very touch brings death?

Archipellus thinks he alone is immune to the romantic power that has overtaken the sabbat gods, for an incubus who drains partners during sex could never find happiness with a mortal woman. Then he meets Melissa, a woman willing to brave the danger of his erotic touch in hopes that his power might also cure her sister. When their passion tears a hole in the veil between worlds, Archipellus will team up with her on a quest to seal the breach and rescue the sister who was snatched and taken across the rift.

      "'ve just got to read it for yourself to believe it."


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Andero: God of the Sabbat

Book 9 Bonus Box Set Exclusive to the Sons of Herne series

Urban Fantasy / MF

Her new powers might cost Andero the woman he wants—and the safety of both their worlds…

A powerful horned god cured Bethany’s terminal illness, rescued her from a distant realm, and fell in love with her sister. But he isn't the god she wants. There was another hero that night, a sword-wielding, muscled demigod with a quick wit and winning smile.

Andero returns when she least expects it, but he isn’t there to woo her. Her healing via energies of the veil has triggered an ability that might be the most dangerous he’s ever encountered. It is his duty to protect the realms by turning her over to the counsel, who will either use her to their own ends or subject her to a potentially harmful extraction of her power.

Andero will risk everything to save her from harm, but her new lease on life won’t last if she unwittingly destroys both their realms. And what good is saving the world if he loses the woman’s he’s fallen for in the process?


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