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KISS OF THE DRAGON Series by J. Rose Allister

A 3-book Paranormal / Shifter / MF / Steamy Romance series



Seductive, powerful dragons soar high in the skies above a sleepy mountain town...

Dragons are secretive, solitary creatures, so much so that there is no word to indicate a grouping of them. Yet fate will bring three dragon shifters together to defeat a common enemy. There is Derek, whose power has barely been triggered by his mate, Tristan, who has kept his secret from the woman he craves, and Alex, who has given up on love. But someone is after the power of dragons, someone desperate enough to do whatever they must...even threaten the dragon mates the trio would do anything to protect. 

Kiss of the Dragon

Book 1 of the Kiss of the Dragon series

Paranormal / Shifter / MF

He had no idea what lurked within until he met her...

Firefighter Derek Lockhart is about to break all the rules to save a beautiful woman from a fire...and that's just the start of his new and bizarre behavior. Finding his mate has triggered a power he never knew existed, one he cannot control. Keeping his secret might save his career and stop him from scaring off the woman he can't stay away from, but how long can he hide the massive, fiery dragon lurking within?

          -a fantastic dragon shifter romance...



Heat of the Dragon

Book 2 of the Kiss of the Dragon series

Paranormal / Shifter / MF

January 30, 2019

Denying himself the mate he craves could cost him his life...

For years, Tristan stayed away from his destined mate to protect her from the dragon nature even his native medicine practices can't control. Battling the beast grows harder with each passing day, especially because he’s returned to the town where Jessica is close enough to touch. Her nearness triggers more heat than he can handle, and the spirit of his grandfather warns the consequences could be fatal. 

Visions of a new threat to Jessica will force him to face the woman he ran from, but how can he save her when he can't tame the fiery dragon lurking inside? 



Book 3 coming soon!
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