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IMMORTAL PARADISE Series by J. Rose Allister

Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / MF with 1 title including MMF elements





An island of sensual secrets, where romance lives in the very breeze...

Hidden away on an exclusive island lies the Amante del Mar resort, a tropical destination that caters to a variety of pleasures. But many tourists are unaware that seductive forces are at work. Two gods have made the Amante their home, and their erotic influence affects those who stray too near. For where the gods Love and Lust reside, none will remain untouched.

Their Secret Paradise

Spinoff book of the Immortal Paradise series

Urban Fantasy / MF

Can she trust their feelings when she knows the island's supernatural secret? 

Gina wants to study the paranormal phenomenon that stirs passion at her uncle's resort without falling victim to it's special "charms." Contractor David Gilroy wouldn’t believe in the island’s alleged power even if he knew about it. He’s not interested in anything other than his building job…until he runs across Gina sunbathing topless.

When summer in paradise blossoms into a desire she may never recover from, Gina knows she can’t trust what they’re feeling. How can David convince her that his passion is real? What if it isn’t?

      "I loved it from start to finish!" Reader Review     

"...could not put this book down once I started..." Reader Review


Suite Seduction

Book 1 of the Immortal Paradise series

Siren Allure, Rated Sizzling

Urban Fantasy / MF

She accidentally goes to bed with the wrong man. Or is he?

A hotel room mix-up at a sexy island resort offers two total strangers the passion of a lifetime—with the wrong partners. Or are they? The shocking sex-with-a-stranger was no accident—supernatural strings were pulled by none other than the gods Love and Lust. And thanks to the immortals' contest to prove whose powers are greater, Julietta and Collier must come to terms with the truth about their feelings—and the relationship fallout from their “accidental” passion.

      "A Great Read..." Reader Review     

"...incredible circumstances set in beautiful scenery." Whipped Cream Reviews


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Tropical Heat

Book 2 of the Immortal Paradise series

Siren Allure, Rated Sizzling

Urban Fantasy / MF

Secrets bring them together. Secrets could tear them apart.

Jessamine could care less about the supernatural eroticism on the resort island where she works until sexy P.I. Steve Detroit shows up with smoldering emerald eyes.


Steve soon discovers Jessamine holds the key to his mission there, but inadvertently stumbles on the island’s most well-guarded secrets—a discovery that may separate them permanently.



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Seduced by an Angel

Book 3 of the Immortal Paradise series

Siren Classic, Rated Sizzling

Urban Fantasy / MF

When an angel glows, sparks will fly!

Can they claim their heart’s passion when heaven itself has other ideas? Archangel Andel hopes to create an immortal child before his fertility phase runs out. He has some thoughts about his ideal mate, but also secrets he is afraid to divulge…and no time to waste.


Seven virgins are brought to a unique island resort to be propositioned by a sexy angel, and hotel employee Kazia is mortified to learn she is one of the potentials–and that her job depends on her cooperation with the VIP’s game.When Kazia is inevitably drawn to Andel’s eroticism, secrets of her own are revealed that could keep him from claiming her. And behind the scenes, supernatural powers are conspiring to prevent the one-time seraphim Andel from perpetuating his blood line. How will they overcome their pasts–and heaven itself–in order to consummate their passion?

     "one of the most erotic and saintly hero’s that I have ever read." Coffee Time Romance

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Immortal Menage

Book 4 of the Immortal Paradise series

Siren PolyAmour, Rated Sextreme

Urban Fantasy / MF with elements of MMF

He longs for the mortal bride he can't touch...

The hottest tale yet from the Amante del Mar resort!  Lexie knows it’s crazy to fly to the Bahamas in search of the mystery lover who has been heating up her dreams, but she can’t shake the nagging feeling that he exists. Grayel is a god ready to claim the woman who awaits him in the earth realm, but he cannot touch a mortal without causing their death.


Though his father is convinced his choice of mate will throw the entire realm into chaos, Grayel enlists demigods Love and Lust to aid in a sexual ritual that will transform Lexie into a goddess.Plots in the twelfth realm and the demigods’ mounting attraction for Lexie threatens the union’s sucess. Will she become a goddess in the culmination of an explosive ménage? Or is she destined to lose her dream lover forever?

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